The Build-Your-Own-O-Scope is the newest 3D Printed, open source otoscope, made by E4R Designs, and published by The Glia Project.

You can find building and assembly instructions on the official Github page

The Build-Your-Own-O-Scope otoscope was released on August 15, 2019, replacing the E4R View 2 otoscope (Released November 2017).  Want to read more on the E4R View 2? Click here.

The sleek and effective design allows clinicians to examine a clear, magnified, and unobstructed view of the ear drum and surrounding areas.


The Battery

The Build-Your-Own-O-Scope is powered by 2 AA batteries.  AA batteries are ubiquitous, inexpensive, and can power a single LED light for tens of hours.  They also take up relatively little space, allowing for the otoscope’s sleek design.  The popularity and availability of AA batteries allows the Build-Your-Own-O-Scope to be used in a variety of settings, including low-resource areas.

Accessing the battery compartment is easy, and requires a simple twist and pull from the otoscope neck and head area, shown below.

The Specula

The Build-Your-Own-O-Scope works with Welch-Allyn winged specula (adult or child sizes).  Specula is placed on the otoscope face, and twisted to secure into place.

The Lens

The Build-Your-Own-O-Scope uses an acrylic 3x magnification lens.  The lens is encased within a seperate 3D printed housing, and can be removed from the otoscope for cleaning and sanitation.

The Tutorial

The following 15 minute video tutorial will show you how to put together your Build-Your-Own-O-Scope!