OpenVRA is open source! All of the necessary files and instructions for building your own VRA box can be found at

3D printed.  Portable.  Open Source.  Device Showcase:

OpenVRA can be used to assess the hearing thresholds of young children (age 10 months to 2 years) and special populations.  The device’s main purpose is to visually reinforce a child’s behavior when they hear a sound.

Specifically, an audiologist will play a pure tone, the child will look around for the source of this pure tone, and then the VRA box will flash on to reinforce their “looking” behavior. Every time the pure tone sounds again, the child will look around, as they have been conditioned to respond due to the interesting VRA box. Repeat until the threshold of hearing for different frequencies is acquired.


Features of OpenVRA

Ability to easily change toys

The front acrylic face plate can be removed by sliding it upwards, exposing the inner compartment where a toy sits.  This design allows for the toy in the device to be changed easily.

ON/OFF toggle movement

Some children get easily scared by a moving toy at the side of a room.  By the click of a switch, movement of the toy can be turned off, and only the lights will function.  On the other hand, some children need the toy movement to be interested.  Thus, toy movement can be toggled on.

Works with battery power or wall USB charger

Dual power modes mean that OpenVRA can be used anywhere.  Having the ability to be powered by an external battery pack provides this device with extreme portability.  If portability is not needed, a standard USB wall plug will power the device.  Open VRA is run on an Arduino UNO board, so anything that can power an Arduino UNO will be able to power OpenVRA.

Detachable controller block

The controller block can detach from the VRA box via a usb connection.  This is useful if you need to feed the controller wire through a sound booth wall.

Multiple device functionality

If one VRA box is not enough, the controllers can be easily linked together, and the boxes can be used in conjunction with one anther.  Separate systems, but used together.