Silicone Otoscope Specula

Silicone otoscope specula can have applications in otoscopy training and viewing outer ear features of individuals with a very bendy ear canal.  In this project idea, I molded an otoscope specula using different kinds of silicone putty.  This project is largely a work in progress, and new updates are on the way.

The general process that I’ve been using to make these silicone specula tips is as follows: Using a 2-part 3D printed mold, I placed silicone in the middle, pressed down, and let set.  This is the 2-part mold I’ve been using:

The very first variety of silicone that I tried using was the kind of silicone used to seal window edges during caulking.  This silicone was quite difficult to work with; it was sticky, and took a very long time to dry.  The specula tip eventually took form, and came out like this:

I also used a hobby grade silicone, called Castin’ Craft Easy Mold Silicone putty.  This silicone is a 2 part mixture, and when mixed begins to set.  This material was much easier to work with, and resulted in a good quality, firm otoscope specula.

I’d like to work on better shaping the specula to fit an otoscope better.